Christmas is just five days away and we’re sure your festive dinner menus are all planned out by now. With the array of food options available especially with the onset of easy-to-reproduce recipes off the internet, there must be certain great expectations for any home cook putting together the Yuletide dinner of their dreams. One of the best ways to impress is by having fantastic wines to accompany and complement the meal, thus here we have sought out five splendid wines that will match perfectly with five traditional Christmas dishes.

Classic Stuffed Turkey
The heavyweight at any Christmas dinner, this is the star of the show and rightly so. A myriad of turkey stuffing flavours and mixtures is abound these days, so to find the best pairing for this, we’ve gone back to the meat itself. As a white meat with low fat content, a heavier, richer white wine like a Burgundian Chardonnay would be best to balance and bring out the intricacies of the meat’s flavour. An adventurous option would be to try a lighter red, like a New Zealand classic red, with its red fruit taste striking a juicy chord with the turkey meat.

Honey Baked Ham
Loved by kids and adults alike, this is an undeniable enjoyment at any Christmas dinner table. Easy to eat and simple to make, the wine pairings for this are markedly contrasting. Because this carries both salty and sweet piquancy, a weighty, voluptuous white wine like the lush and seductive Condrieu works like a dream to carry the tanginess of the ham and its glaze. A second choice would be a delicate and fruity Provence Rosé, its freshness and crispiness providing a nice distinction from the ham.

Prime Beef Rib Roast
The show-stopping prime rib is another undisputable treat at festive gatherings. Lavish with buttery goodness, a dark, bold and striking red is a flawless match for this. The ravishing red Bordeaux wine holds its own alongside this big beefy dish, or you could try a Noel favourite – the ever astounding Châteauneuf-du-Pape, which combined with the rib roast would be a tantalising explosion of audacious, unflinching deep senses.

Potatoes au Gratin
A staple for the holiday dinner table, this is a delightful, versatile dish that can be appreciated by just about anyone. The creamy cheese sauce and tender potatoes, when cooked right, are marvelous for enjoying either at the start of the meal, or as an accompaniment to the heftier dishes of the evening. We suggest the promising and generous Barbera d’Alba wine of Italy, brimming with berries and with a touch of spice, a surprising but spectacular selection that brings out the twang of the cheeses.

Christmas Fruitcake Pudding
A definitive mainstay of the holidays, the traditional Christmas pudding is a dichotomy of a sweet and savoury palate. Featuring dried fruits like raisins, sultanas and currants, plus candied peel, all steeped in treacled lusciousness, this needs a wine that flows as succulently as the pudding does. Our best bet is a fine ruby Port – delicious on its own and triflingly delectable when paired with this meltingly lovely dessert.