Outdoor grill parties are always fun, especially in such hot weather, and aren’t barbeques popular with everyone? Here are our tried-and-tested options for wines that best match our favourite BBQ food.


Options for delivery in Singapore:

With Grilled Seafood: 2013 Pio Cesare Gavi DOCG
For seafood grilled to mouth-watering perfection, the fresh and lime-scented Gavi from acclaimed Italian producers Pio Cesare is a incredible match. The crisp and tart flavours of this wine embraces smoky seafood barbeque items like fish, prawns, squid, stingray and mussels. – S$52

With Chicken Wings & Drumlets: Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel
Glazed with honey or seasoned buffalo sauce, chicken wings and drumlets are a mainstay at all barbeques, and with a ripe and plump berry-fruited Seghesio Zinfandel in hand, you’ll be on your way to a fifth serving in no time – S$66

With Satay & Otah: 2015 Blason d’Aussières
A local must-have at all barbeques, satay is often served with peanut sauce, and otah with spicy marinade, thus the red Blason d’Aussières would do well to stand up to the heavy flavours with its deep, full-bodied suppleness  – S$53

With Hotdogs & Sausages: Ott* Clos Mireille Blanc de Blancs
Super easy to manage and simple to grill, sausages and hotdogs cannot be left out in any barbeque and can be enjoyed with the unabashedly fragrant and exotic Ott* Clos Mireille Blanc de Blancs, a white wine originating from the beautiful Provence region in France. – S$60

With Grilled Vegetables: Te Mata Estate Vineyards Gamay Noir
On a skewer, foil-wrapped in butter or smoked direct on the grill – the choices for BBQ vegetables are never-ending, and the light, gentle summer fruit flavours of the New Zealand red Gamay Noir from Te Mata estate suits mushrooms, leeks, asparagus and corn well. – S$58


Options for delivery in Hong Kong:

With Grilled Seafood: 2014 Laurenz V Singing Grüner Veltliner
In Hong Kong, seafood can be found everywhere from street stalls peddling ‘get your hands dirty’ eat-on-the-spot styles to restaurants shimmying out fancy recipes and ingredients. It’s no different at barbeques, where a variety of seafood can grilled to a myriad of flavours, and a bottle of subtly-spiced Grüner Veltliner will carry across the promise of its name: singing on your palate! – HK$189

With Chicken Wings & Drumlets: 2014 Jeff Carrel “Les Darons” Languedoc
Glazed with honey or seasoned buffalo sauce, chicken wings and drumlets are a mainstay at all barbeques, and with the blueberry- & violet-scented 2014 Jeff Carrel “Les Darons” Languedoc red wine in hand, you’ll be on your way to a fifth serving in no time – HK$140

With Marinated Meats: Badia a Coltibuono Cultus Boni, Chianti Classico DOCG
Scrumptious cuts of juicy meats, marinated to sublimity and just zesty on your tongue, best paired with an Italian superstar: the red Chianti Classico, with elegant but intense cherry & chocolate notes – HK$377

With Chinese Sausages or Lap Cheong: Tim Adams Pinot Gris, Clare Valley, Australia
Sweet, juicy, and stuffed in a crispy casing, Chinese sausages on the grill are mouth-watering and extremely succulent in flavours. Perfect to enjoy with the opulent Pinot Gris by Tim Adams winery, with tantalising lychee and peach impressions. – HK$182

With Grilled Vegetables: 2012 Domaine Joseph Roty Bourgogne Rouge
A sophisticated Burgundy red might be a surprising choice to go with barbequed vegetables like mushrooms, leeks, asparagus and corn, but the quiet elegance and wild-berried scents of this Joseph Roty burgundy red fulfills the task rather well. – HK$349