Our recent tasting had guests indulging in an evening of fine wines and chocolates as they learnt how different types and styles of wines pair with delightful cocoa-flavoured delicacies.

Master Chocolatier Joan Cabot led the rounds with a variety of chocolate truffles, while wine expert David Pedrol joined up with hand-picked wines for these treats. 5 different wines were served alongside unique, individual chocolate pairings. Learn as you savour, what could be more enjoyable?

To start the evening, the 24K Gold Maset del Lleó, a sparkling wine with genuine gold flakes amidst its bubbles, was served alongside the luscious Cheesecake Bonbon White Chocolate. A pretty salmon-pink Provence Rosé from Domaine Ott followed, together with a delicious Black Tea Spiced Milk Chocolate truffle. Next were two expressive, laudable red wines from St Emilion, Bordeaux, from the Châteaus of La Fleur Poitou and La Fleur des Houx – paired with a Hazelnut & Orange Dark Chocolate, as well as a ‘Blue Mountain’ Coffee & Almond Dark Chocolate. A succulent Sauternes wine with a sweet Chestnut & Apricot Milk Chocolate rounded up the evening.


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