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About Us

About Us

Winetobe — a wine focused e-commerce website that recommends wines based on the customer’s tastes and facilitates wine deliveries in many different countries.

It’s time to be welcomed to winetobe


 Welcome to the wine website that helps you to select the wines you like and then delivers them to wherever you are in just hours. We like to be international wine people… we like to be winetobe.

We created the tobe concept in Singapore in 2015, after several years working in the online wine industry and feeling frustrated when our websites grew in popularity overseas but we were only able to deliver to one country at a time… we are proud to work hard to break boundaries so we are establishing the first multi-country distribution platform in the online wine industry to deliver wines within hours.

We are people of the world, we like to travel and we love wine. We care about our friends and family abroad so we like to send them wine on special occasions, and on not-so-special occasions too!

How many times have you sent a bouquet of flowers to a loved one in another country on a special day? Why not make it a bottle of wine next time.

Our Founder

David pedrol 

David Pedrol from Barcelona Spain, has been in the wine industry worldwide for the past 15 years. His wealth of experiences in the wine industry encompasses a strong education background in Business, Finance and International Commerce with Majors in the London Wine Institute. He achieved Educators level and is a lecturer of wine in several countries. David had developed wine businesses in several countries from Europe to America. Eight years ago, he made his foot step into Asia. After years of success in the traditional channels, he ventured out into a small project called Yesmywine. Thanks to his wine experience, expertise and management skills, the fastest growing wine business in China of Yesmywine emerged with over 8.5 million members and averaging of 25,000 bottles sold a day.

In June 2013, his company was chosen to be the world Number One B2C e-Commerce Platforms for selling wine. Furthermore, culminating this fantastic year, David was selected the 27th position in the Decanter Top 50 Power list magazine. Today, David is the CEO of Winetobe with a presence in Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

More locations to come soon…